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This reminds me of a certain movie…

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How are you guys doing today?
Anonymous asked

Tired, stressed out, but still very excited and happy. Weird times. Thanks for asking! 

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I wonder who’s making this sound?

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Excuse me Sir, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Jesus Christ?

Excuse me Sir, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Jesus Christ?

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Crawl: Early Access Launch Trailer (HD)

Well damn, as an indie developer I have to support other devs and if anyone deserves it it’s Powerhoof. The trailer is fantastic and the game is too!

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Hey devs, I heard about your game in a best of sips video. After finding the trailer, I found it reminiscent of Jasper Byrne's Lone Survivor, and was wondering if it would have similar gameplay systems. Particularly those related to combat, nutrition and stealth.
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I’m not that familiar with Lone Survivor, I haven’t finished it yet or started playing it properly - I know I should someday.

But I think I answered your questions in a new interview with N4G, you should read it:

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N4G won't let me make an account and I'm very sad. ;-; I'll just pay full price then (although getting it for free even with the prize competition had slim chances anyway).
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Good! Thanks for the support.

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Uncanny Valley Main Theme

Get a taste of the upcoming Uncanny Valley soundtrack, with this main menu theme piece written by our talented composer Danilo Kapel!

You can check more of his music at the Mad Ocean Facebook page: 

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It’s our turn on the indie month! There are three articles in total, which should give you some new information about the game.

Also, a special giveaway where you can earn Uncanny Valley Steam codes and a PS4.

Read it here:

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Indie Month at N4G

A reminder: N4G is currently doing an indie month, where they will feature one talented indie developer per day, even the most famous/successful ones like Double Fine, Klei Entertainment and Red Barrels.  

Our studio, Cowardly Creations, is also going to be featured! Our articles are going live next Saturday, 12.7.2014. Do read it, as we’re revealing some new stuff about Uncanny Valley and sharing some thoughts/tips about the indie video game industry.