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Check out an entertaining video of popular youtuber Jesse Cox and Indie Journalist Jared Rosen playing our demo!

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Demo Release Feeback


So, after a long delay we finally released a demo version of our game this week. We got nearly 2000 downloads currently, we got awesome support from big sites such as Rock Paper Shotgun, PC Gamer, Polygon, Rely on Horror, Bloody Disgusting and Destructoid, lots of let’s players made videos about…

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Demo Release Feeback

So, after a long delay we finally released a demo version of our game this week. We got nearly 2000 downloads currently, we got awesome support from big sites such as Rock Paper Shotgun, PC Gamer, Polygon, Rely on Horror, Bloody Disgusting and Destructoid, lots of let’s players made videos about it and the overall reaction to it was very positive.

That makes us extremely happy! But, some people did have some questions and concerns regarding the demo and we feel like we should explain our design philosophy behind those things. So here are the FAQ for the demo.

1. Why do you have two buttons for interaction? One for picking things up and one for general interaction?
We had to do that because the game is 2D. Sometimes you need to pick up an object that is close to another interactable object, and since the game is 2D you can’t just look exactly at the object you want to interact with. So in some cases, we weren’t able to pick some objects up if we dropped them, let’s say, close to a door. That lead to frustration and we added a designated pick up button.

2. Will you be able to change the control scheme in the full game?
We’ll work on that - we’ll at least have an option to choose from multiple control schemes (WASD or arrow keys to move, for example).

3. The player character just hacked up the door, what the fuck? Shouldn’t he be guarding the place?

Well yes, he should, but in the context of the game, it works. These sections are introduced further into the game, where some things already went bad and you need to do whatever it takes to get out. If that means destroying something, so be it. This should also answer the question of why he was asking what are the freezer doors doing there instead of being surprised by all the bodies, since the player character already saw them and is not surprised by that in his current state.

Oh and, we will add some kind of an option to first interact with the door, and then choose to destroy them. We kinda overlooked that for the demo.

4. The demo was confusing! Was he dreaming or was he not?

That was our plan, to confuse you a bit. Yes, he was dreaming in two instances, when he was wearing his civil clothing. Some people connected things, like why the snow was falling in his apartment - because he was, in real life then, locked in the freezer so he dreamt about snow and his cold apartment from the intro, where something obviously happened. Did it happen in real life? You’ll see!

5. The demo was a lot more fast paced then we thought it will be!

It was filled with both exploration and action. We decided to do both, since we knew let’s players might record it and this way it’s more interesting for the viewers, plus we wanted to show every side of the game. If we showed the first half, it would only be walking and exploration, if we showed the second, it would be too intense and spoilery. So we decided to combine lots of areas into a mix that doesn’t spoil anything.

6. Why is the demo so short?

I think about 10-15 minutes for a demo is quite right, if the game is about 3-5 hours long. Besides, you can give it another play and find out things you didn’t notice before. In the start, you can move to the right and the stalking black shadow we call Morocoders won’t attack you. Some people only noticed big penis/vagina diagrams on walls in the genitalia research office room, instead of the mannequins moving heads as you walked past. You can push the cart in the freezer room, if you sprint and push it in the freezer doors you can break them. People mostly missed all of these things and more, so I’d say at least give it two playthroughs, you might find something new!

I hope this answers your big questions, if you have any more of them we’re always here for you on our social media sites or you can write to as at

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Really stoked to try the demo, only to be subsequently choked to discover that it was PC-only. So I'll wait. Meantime, might want to reduce your "bandwidth-print" by letting folks know the demo ain't OSX-friendly.
Anonymous asked

Yes, right now it’s only for WIndows, sorry. If we wanted to release a Mac OS version we would have to buy a Mac (and those are expensive) plus pay for Apple developer license (which is also 100 bucks per year). Once we can afford that we will surely bring you a Mac version, hopefully soon.

Oh and we’ll create a warning for our site that it’s Windows only.

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Demo is out and it’s been downloaded over 1000 times in 3 days (we’re really happy with that number!). If you haven’t tried it yet, do so! You can download it on our website:

The demo helped us collect a lot of interesting info from your reactions and criticism, and we thank you for that. With that data, we can further improve the game and make it as good as possible.

In the screenshot, you can see a quick level creation process. We already posted one and you guys liked it, so here’s another!

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This guy really can’t handle horror games!

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"The Alpha Demo packs more suspense, dread and ‘oh shit!’ moments into it’s 10 minute playtime that most games horror games manage in 8 hours.  With it’s tense atmosphere, beautiful pixel art, intriguing story and real consequences for your actions, Uncanny Valley is shaping up to be uncannily good."

This is what Alpha Beta Gamer had to say about our Uncanny Valley demo, which was already downloaded more than 600 times in just one day! We’d like to thank you for the support and all the nice comments, it’s been really great reading them and watching let’s play of our game.

If you haven’t tried the demo yet, I suggest you do it right away by clicking this link:

If you like the demo, please share it with your friends on social sites and suggest it to your favourite Let’s player. Thank you!

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You can now finally try the Uncanny Valley demo at our new site: !

There’s also the option to pre-order at a lower price and receive a Steam code when the game releases.

Did you like the demo? You can give us feedback right here or send an email to

Oh, and we have a new trailer:

PS: Please share this link with your friends, or suggest the demo to your favourite let’s player.

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We created a studio twitter account, so every member of the team can access it. So please, follow us at

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After a long wait (sorry about that) and tons of work, we are proud to announce that the demo is going to be released this Monday (8.9.2014), along with a new trailer!

Once the demo is live, you will be able to download it on our new website and preorder the game. Spread the word!